Jo Agnar Hansen   &   Karin Mattsson's

Working Border Collies

Derwen Roy 18 months old.

     Updated: 29th December 2014

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NEW dog in Kennel - Derwen Roy ISDS 00/328176

Christmas in Svanberga, Sweden!


Bjørn and Lotta Mattsson with Tysswg Kim and Becks.

Best in Work Bess - Bjørns sharp Kelpie.

Karin's 14 months old Becks - out of Jill and by Bill.

Bjørn's Tysswg Kim, littersister to Jo Agnar's Tysswg Kate.

Caroline Lindkvist's Billie - out of my Jill and by Bill. Picture taken by Roger Nilsson.

Norwegian Team 2015!

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