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Eva and Hilding Wilen with theire dogs from our breeding!

     Updated: 27th July 2014

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Clinic at Tronslien Gård 27/7-2014!


A bunch of nice people!

Eva Wilen and Wiki - out of Gweno and by Arne Christoffer Sand's Shep.

Hilding Wilen and Billson, out of Jill and Bill, litterbrother to Becks.

Kemi Gaga is mated with Jan Briskeby's Boss!

Pups expected begining of August 2014.

Boss is the litterbrother to Jaran Knive's Bea, out of Jan Briskeby's Arja and by Jaran Knives Maico.


Pedigree of Boss Here!

Pictures of Boss is taken by Karianne Buer. Pictures of Gaga is taken by Vidar Tangeland.

Feel free to contact us if you're interested in a pup from this combination!

Tika, Sisko, Trim and Bill made the Norwegian Team for Continental and World Trial 2014.

See the Norwegian Team for 2014 Here!

See short presentation of the Team Members Here!

We are Sponsored by Royal Canin!

Norway on top at the CSC in Belgium!

Jo Agnar Hansen and Sisko - Continental Champions 2013!

2nd. Jo Agnar Hansen and Tika - NORWAY
3rd. Karin Mattsson - Trim - NORWAY
4th. Serge Van der Zweep - Eve - THE NETHERLANDS
5th. Jaran Knive - Maico - NORWAY
6th. Anja Holgersson - Sod - SWEDEN
7th. Wolfgang Lipczenko - Glen - AUSTRIA
8th. Henrik Nilsson - Bozz - SWEDEN
9th. Patrick Vets - Jack - BELGIUM
10th. Patrik Palmeri - Gil - ITALIA


More Pictures Here!

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